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Sky Quality Meter  - Window mount

Actual color of part will be black or gray.

This Window mounting bracket is used for moving light pollution studies while a "connected" meter and GPS are attached to a computer using UDM logging continuously with the GPS option enabled described here.

The relatively broad "head" on the part of the bracket that mounts to the window should accommodate a range of window seal contours. The adjustable connection between the window mount and SQM mount allows for vertical mounting regardless of window slope.

Adjustment can be done by eye, or with a level held against the meter, or a smart phone with built-in inclinometer app to adjust the vertical angle.

The unit should be mounted near the part of the window that has a curve which comes closest to horizontal.

The adjustable connection allows adjustment in yaw, position along the window curve becomes the pitch adjustment.

Photo showing window mount attached to vehicle

Photo by Michael Mckeag

Result GoogleEarth map
Data and image by Michael Mckeag
Using The New World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness GoogleEarth .kmz overlay :
UDM with GPS option enabled.
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