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Convert visual mags/arcsecond² to cd/m²

Using the formula:
[value in cd/m2] = 10.8×104 × 10(-0.4*[value in mag/arcsec2])

OpenOffice formula: =108000*POWER(10;(-0.4*mags))
MS-Excel formula: =108000*POWER(10,(-0.4*mags))
  Where mags is the cellname that contains the mag/arcsec2 reading.

Convert cd/m² to visual mags/arcsecond²

Using the formula:
[value in mag/arcsec2] = Log10([value in cd/m2]/108000)/-0.4

OpenOffice formula: =(LOG(cdm2/108000))/-0.4))
  Where cdm2 is the cellname that contains the cd/m2 reading.

This formula was derived from conversations on the Yahoo-groups darksky-list
Topic: [DSLF]  Conversion from mg/arcsec^2 to cd/m^2
Date range: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 17:36:41 +0900 to Fri, 15 Jul 2005 08:17:52 -0400
 PDF summary of conversation.

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