SQM-LU-DL : USB connected Sky Quality Meter with data-logger

Information and software
SQM-LU-DL_Users_manual.pdf Operators manual
  • This manual contains the setup instructions for the unit as well as the communication protocol definition.
UDM for Windows:
Unihedron Device Manager (UDM)

Use this software to:
  • Access the data-logging features of the SQM device attached to your computer.
  • Read version information.
  • Request a reading from the SQM.
  • Read and set calibration data.
  • Read and change the interval reporting settings.
  • Install new firmware.
The operating instructions for UDM are included in the User's manual for the meter.
UDM for Linux:
UDM for Mac OS X
  • Open dmg file.
  • Then drag app to the /Applications directory.
UDM: source code
Programming langauge: Lazarus/Freepascal
Windows USB driver
Max OS X USB driver
USB driver
  • The latest USB drivers can be found at FTDIChip
  • Recent Linux distributions come with the FTDI VCP driver installed.
Firmware files Firmware updates
  • These firmware files are to be used by UDM (see above).
  • See the operators manual for firmware revision history.
Sqm3Setup.exe SQM-Reader by Knightware 
  • Windows software by Knightware to read SQM-LE/LU/LR/DL devices.
  • Check www.knightware.biz for latest version as well as SQM-Reader-Pro which has many more features.

Software examples/utilities
Perl script to read and log SQM-LU data
readsqmlu.py Reads a value from the SQM-LU.
add_pos.py Adds position information to all .dat files in a directory

INDI Driver
The SQM-LE is officially supported in INDI and users who capture images using any of INDI clients (such as Ekos or PixInsight) will get the MPSAS value in the FITS header. Discussion forum.