SQM-LE : Ethernet connected Sky Quality Meter disk contents

Information and software
SQM-LE_Users_manual.pdf Operators manual
  • This manual contains the setup instructions for the unit as well as the communication protocol definition.
UDM for Windows:
Unihedron Device Manager (UDM)

Use this software to:
  • Access the data-logging features of the SQM device attached to your computer.
  • Read version information.
  • Request a reading from the SQM.
  • Read and set calibration data.
  • Read and change the interval reporting settings.
  • Install new firmware.
The operating instructions for UDM are included in the User's manual for the meter.
UDM for Linux:
UDM for Mac OS X
  • Open dmg file.
  • Then drag app to the /Applications directory.
UDM: source code
Programming langauge: Lazarus/Freepascal
Firmware files Firmware updates
  • These firmware files are to be used by UDM (see above).
  • See the operators manual for firmware revision history.
  • Note: The SQM-LE and SQM-LU use the same firmware.
Lantronix website

Local files
Lantronix Device Installer (LDI)
  • This Windows program is useful for modifying the SQM-LE DHCP setting, or assigned IP address.
  • This program only communicates with the Ethernet module in the SQM-LE.
  • Beware: Applying "Default settings" in LDI will cause the SQM to stop communicating, see section 8 of the operators manual to set this back.
Sqm3Setup.exe SQM-Reader by Knightware 
  • Windows software by Knightware to read SQM-LE/LU/LR/DL devices.
  • Check www.knightware.biz for latest version as well as SQM-Reader-Pro which has many more features.

Guida_GECO_rev01.pdf (Italian instructions)
  • SQM-Network is a free network of people that work to fight light-pollution. Installing an SQM you can help us to collect measures from all over the world.
  • Please visit www.sqm-network.com for further information.

Software examples/utilities
sqm-le_perl-1.3.zip Perl data logging and plotting code (Windows)
findsqmle.pl Perl example to find the IP address of an SQM-LE attached to the network.Unix (Linux/Mac)
sqm-le-config.zip SQM-LE Linux GAMBAS Configuration utility(Linux/Mac)
sqm-le_perl-1.3.tar.gz Perl data logging and plotting code (Unix)(Linux/Mac)
findsqmle.py Python example to find the IP address of an SQM-LE attached to the network.
dsmgps.tar.gz C source for SQM-LE data-logger, by John Stone
socket.pl Perl example to read the SQM-LE
sqmbest.pl Perl code to identify best reading for each night from Perl logged readings.
sqm-le-java.zip SQM-LE Java connection utility.
Perl data logging and plotting utilities
sqmsocket.py Python example to read the SQM-LE
SQM-LE_DAQ_SDF.tar Python SQM standard data format acquisition package Only for use of single-channel, fixed, stationary SQM-LE. Written by Kai Pong Tong.
PySQM PySQM is a multi-platform, open-source software designed to read and plot data from Unihedron SQM-LE and SQM-LU photometers, giving as an output files with the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) NSBM Community Standards for Reporting Skyglow Observations.
RPi with PySQM Implementation of PySQM on a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer by Ruben Diez Lazaro.
add_pos.py Adds position information to all .dat files in a directory

INDI Driver
The SQM-LE is officially supported in INDI and users who capture images using any of INDI clients (such as Ekos or PixInsight) will get the MPSAS value in the FITS header. Discussion forum.

Reference material
PoE PDF files
Power over Ethernet (PoE) unit specifications. One of these models is shipped with the weatherproof housing.