[SQM] DL firmware update available.

Anthony Tekatch anthony at unihedron.com
Wed Apr 26 14:29:19 UTC 2017

Hello All,

Firmware version 49 has been released for the SQM-LU-DL.

 - Bugfix: where battery plugin at the second mark of ~ :50 to :57
   resulted in no wakeup the next minute for the new RTC model.

 - Feature: shorter wakeup LED time with decaying brightness to
   differentiate from initial power up and wake from sleep.

 - Feature: no redundant record logged when starting from USB connection.

 - Feature: "Initial-record"/"subsequent records" defined in logged data
   of a recording session which is useful for those people who do not
   erase all records in the meter before starting a new recording session.

The firmware is included in the latest UDM software here.

Best regards,
Anthony Tekatch

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