[SQM] Fwd: Outreach event, for your information (Milano, July 29)

Andrea Giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 16:33:35 UTC 2015

[Apologies for cross-postings]

On behalf of Attivarti.org I am glad to announce that the BuioMetria
Partecipativa project (which started in 2008 with two hand-held SQMs, two
environmental engineers and one idea on developing culture about light
pollution in Italy) is invited to the World Expo in Milano, Italy.

More interestingly, the invitation comes not for the project on its own,
but because some institutes of the Italian National Research Council became
interested in our work in late 2014, and in six months this initial
interest took the form of a borrowing our SQMs (which we call "buiometri"
for the Italian audience), and will be using them during the Summer in one
of their dissemination projects.

You may find all the details of the event at :

If you happen to be in Milano around July 29, and would like to meet
(inside or outside of the EXPO), do let us know, and we'll see how this may
be arranged.

Best regards from Italy

Andrea Giacomelli
info at pibinko.org
+39 347 15 33 857
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