[SQM] First video from Italy with time lapse and other effects

Andrea Giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 05:29:40 UTC 2015

[apologies for cross-postings]

Dear all,

please check out the video by Federico Giussani, which was shown for its
"world première" in the outreach event we had Thursday night in Massa


I had occasionally seen other time lapse video made by Italians, but -as
far as I know- this is the first one which was produced in the context of
the collaborations we are having as Attivarti.org.

I got in touch with Federico for the first time in May 2014 (having seen a
photo from him with Maremman sunflowers under the Milky Way), and things
gradually developed.

I hope that we can further build on this work, and I will be glad if the
other experts who are active on the photography side will be interested in

Best regards from Italy

Andrea Giacomelli
info at pibinko.org
+39 347 15 33 857
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