[SQM] The Dutch SQM monitoring network continued as NachtMeetnet !

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Mon Feb 10 10:47:13 UTC 2014

Dear SQM users,
We are pleased to announce that the Dutch SQM-monitoring Network (by RIVM) which operation has ended been after 3 years will be continued, however in a somewhat different way and with some other monitoring locations.

The Dutch monitoring network is now called NachtMeetnet (Dutch for Night Monitoring Network) and is a cooperation between Sotto le Stelle (Wim Schmidt) and Lumineux Consult (Henk Spoelstra).

The network consists now of 5 monitoring stations and more stations are most likely to be added this year.

New facts:

- the data from the monitoring stations can be viewed on-line between dusk and dawn. 

- two monitoring stations are also equipped with a color lightmeter and these data are on-line too.

The link for the website is http://nachtmeetnet.nl and has an English version as well (just click on “English” at the top of the page).

Enjoy watching the website and kind regards,

The NachtMeetnet Team

Wim Schmidt & Henk Spoelstra

NachtMeetnet     Office +31 (0)26 785 09 04 
Landgraafstraat 96    Mobile +31 (0)6 34 35 36 05 
6845 ED Arnhem         Mobile +31 (0)6 23 29 81 36

The Netherlands         Email info at nachtmeetnet.nl

Registered K.v.K. Arnhem 59536152

Website http://nachtmeetnet.nl    
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