[SQM] CLIC workshop: presentations available

Dorien Lolkema dorien.lolkema at rivm.nl
Thu May 24 08:39:06 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Two weeks ago we had a very succesfull CLIC workshop, with which we 
concluded the CLIC (Cabauw Lightmeter InterComparison) campaign. Many 
thanks to all the participants for their contributions.
For those of you interested in the presentations: you can find them on our 
ftp-server. They will be removed after a month from now.

Best regards,
Dorien Lolkema


drs. D.E. Lolkema
Scientist Light and Air Quality
Working days: Mo-Tu-We-Th
tel. +31 30 274 4258
fax. +31 30 228 7531

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