[SQM] Little changing in SQM-network data collection

Massimo Alessandria massimo at bresciaraduno.it
Thu Jul 12 10:37:50 UTC 2012

Hello to everybody,
with the release of firmware version 21  of the SQM-LE, has been 
introduced a substantial change in data collection.
Now, with the command -rx, we obtain already averaged data over a longer 
period. As you know, our management algorithm of charts and calculations 
automatically processes the variability of the readings; so it's be able 
to predict if the sky is clear or cloudy and then calculate the average 
SQM value only in clear sky periods.

With the firmware version 21 of the SQM-LE, our algorithm no longer 
worked properly, because it gets measurements with less high 
variability, and thus it happens that "some" cloudy skies are identified 
as clear.
So we have made changes to the servers (operant since 10th July 2012), 
so they collect - for the firmware version 21 and higher - readings with 
the -ux parameter, which takes not averaged data, so we can identify 
with more accuracy if the sky is clear or cloudy.

We remember you that _www.sqm-network.com_ is a big network to collect 
data on light pollution, collected by SQM-LE. This monitoring program - 
as you know - is completely free and non-profit. Sqm-network provides a 
set of tools to those who are members, which greatly simplifies the 
processing of data collection. In short time, thanks to our software 
GECO (you can freely download it from our site ),  you'll be able to 
integrate into the network also the USB version SQM-LU (not currently 

For further information, please contact me at *info at sqm-network.com*

Clear skies to all

Massimo Alessandria
Gruppo Astrofili Deep-Sky (GADS)

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