[SQM] Starlight Ordinance Feb 1 at 1:30PM ~ Testimony in Behalf of Starlight/ links to proposed CC & FPDCC "Starlight" lighting ordinances

Audrey Fischer audreyfischer at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 27 17:57:10 UTC 2012


~photo by Astropics.com~ Wally Pacholka
A Call for 
Public Testimony in Behalf of Starlight
Share your voice for the Starlight Ordinance

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 1:30 pm.
Cook County Building, 118 North Clark Street, 
Board Room 569. 

Joint meeting of 
Environmental Control Committee 
of both the 
Cook County Board of Commissioners & 
Forest Preserve District of Cook County 
Board of Directors. 

You will need to register ahead by following these instructions:


Limit your oral testimony to <3 minutes.
Prepare a written statement. Read from it.
Hand a copy to the clerk for the record book.
Children's poster art OK too.
Smile! You're making county history : )

See official notices for the proposed "Starlight" Lighting Ordinances here :

A note from Brian Miller, General Counsel to Commissioner Larry Suffredin
We will be holding a joint meeting of both the County and Forest Preserve Committees. 
Just so you are clear on the probable process, on Feb. 1 we will hold the committee meetings. If it passes out of committee (which it should, since it has 16 co-sponsors and we only need 9 votes), it will then be approved by both the County and Forest Preserve Boards at a later date. The Forest Preserve will probably approve it on February 2nd, while the board will approve it on February 15th. 
After it is approved, the President will need to sign it before it is effective. That usually happens within days of passage.
 if you can’t make it on Feb. 1st, you won’t be able to offer oral testimony at the Feb. 2nd board meeting. There are no public comments at full board meetings. However, you can submit written comments to the Secretary of the Board for distribution to the commissioners.
You will need to register ahead.
Let me know if you have any questions. I know it’s a little complicated, but I would say that I am 99% sure it will be law by the end of February. No guarantees, given the process and there’s always something that could go wrong, but 
I am very confident. 
A note from Audrey, 
Starlight Vote is only 6 days from now!
This is the first time in Cook County history that that the value of STARlight has ever been mentioned in an ordinance.
Thank you all for your hard work!  A victory is near for starlight, but it is too soon to let up now.
Keep the phone calls and emails coming to President Preckwinkle and the Commissioners.
Remember that Commissioner Larry Suffredin is the author of the ordinance and Commissioner John Daley is the first 
co-sponsor and officially introduced this proposal to the board.  And now, all but one commissioner signed-on as co-sponsor. 

Please send an email to me if you registered to give public testimony.
If you cannot come in person, remember your emails and phone calls to Pres Preckwinkle and the Commissioners are equally important!
emails and phone# here:
To: 	toni.preckwinkle at cookcountyil.gov
	Cc: 	earlean.collins at cookcountyil.gov, r.steele at robertsteele.org, jerry.butler at cookcountyil.gov, deborah.sims at cookcountyil.gov, joan.murphy at cookcountyil.gov, edwin.reyes at cookcountyil.gov, cookcty9 at aol.com, commissioner at bridgetgainer.com, john.daley at cookcountyil.gov, commish at fritchey.com, Larry Suffredin (Board of Commissioners) <larry.suffredin at cookcountyil.gov>, commissioner.goslin at cookcountyil.gov, tim.schneider at cookcountyil.gov, liz at lizgorman.com, william.beavers at cookcountyil.gov, jesus.garcia at cookcountyil.gov, deborah.stone at cookcountyil.gov
note: If you send a copy of your letters in support of starlight  to me, it will be included in a special photo mosaic with starlight images, poetry and artwork.
		Audrey Fischer <audreyfischer at sbcglobal.net>

I am convinced that what has happened here in only 3 months time can happen in nearly every county out there. Astronomers and naturalists have already been in touch to say they are ready to get started in their hometown county. We will all work together. 
Synergy will make this easier for all. 
Synergy will bring starlight back 
for now and future generations.   
SHINE ONE ~ Celebrate Starlight!
Thanks, Audrey 
audreyfischer at sbcglobal.net
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