[SQM] New Datalogging Sky Qaulity Meter

Anthony Tekatch anthony at unihedron.com
Sat Feb 11 17:01:04 UTC 2012

** Announcing the SQM-LU-DL Data-logging USB connected Sky Quality Meter **

This new data-logging light meter is designed for applications involving
remote unattended night-sky light level monitoring for extended periods.
Such application might include:
 - Biological studies involving effects of night light levels on animals.
 - Astronomy site location studies.

The data collection rate and threshold is set up via your computer while
the unit is temporarily connected by USB. Once configured, the unit can
operate by an external battery (supplied). 6-AA batteries will last up to
many months of unattended operation. Also, larger batteries can be used
to extend the duration or increase sample rate.

Up to 32768 stored readings can be collected, then retrieved when the
unit is returned to your computer.

You can find out more from our website:

Also, a new graphical user interface has been created for all Unihedron
SQM connected devices. It works under Windows/Mac/Linux, and is
straightforward to install. The Unihedron Device Manager (udm) can be
found on the CD that is supplied with these units, here:

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