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Massimo Alessandria massimo at bresciaraduno.it
Thu Sep 15 12:16:04 UTC 2011

Hi Christopher, thank you for your compliments:
1- this work is for ALL. If you don't have a fixed IP, you can register 
a Dynamic DNS. If you are behind a firewall that you can't open, you can 
install the free software (GECO, for some weeks again only in italian), 
and we give you a credential file that able your PC to upload measures 
onto the servers.
2- we're working to able the GECO also to read SQM-LUs. Now we don't 
import measures collected from other system, it's a big work, non 
automatic, that need much time. Our work is fort simplifing collection 
of measures, and to have only one type of measures, also to control the 
quality of this inputting data. But if you have a large set of measures 
from fixed station, we can try to do that.
3- the network was created to simplify IL data collection and studies, 
and certainly we don't want (and can't!) to be the only ones to make 
studies about it! ;) For the agreement we have with all members, when a 
researcher institution ask us the data, we ask first agreement to the 
members of the station you need (which will arrive without problems, i 
suppose) and then we'll release the data in tabular form. We prefer not 
to leave the database open and freely available, because we would like 
to forge synergies with the institutions who want to collaborate.
4- What do you mean about "quality control"? We collect data directly 
from the SQM, so the data was controlled before putting it into the DB
5- We've not observed this thing. When sky is clear, we have perfect 
linear measures from alla stations.

I'm not sure if i will be in Osnabrück. I've write to Dr. Andreas Hänel 
to present our work, and i'm waiting his reply ... i hope!

Thank you again, i hope to see you in Osnabrück!


Massimo Alessandria
Light Pollution monitoring Network

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> Hello Massimo,
> That's fantastic, thank you for taking the initiative to set this up!
> I had a few questions,
> 1) Will this work for people that are behind an institutional firewall
> (e.g. at a university?), or for people that don't have a fixed IP?
> 2) We run some SQMs in locations that don't have an Internet
> connection, and also some SQM-LUs.  Is it possible for us to collect
> data with our own programs and to upload the data (formatted
> appropriately) to you?
> 3) Can you clarify whether/how the data will be available to outside
> researchers?  If I was to use the data I would want to download a
> table rather than click on a graph.
> 4) Are there any plans for running quality control checks on the data?
> 5) What is your sampling rate?  Some SQM-LEs have a noticeable 50/60Hz
> oscillation that is easily and cleanly removed by averaging over many
> samples.
> Will you be at the Dark Sky Symposium at Osnabr?ck?  A measurement
> workshop is planned for the first day, and it would be great to be
> able to discuss these and more questions.  Here is the symposium
> website:http://www.lichtverschmutzung.de/symposium_2011/
> Thanks again for setting up the system and translating everything into English!
> Christopher Kyba
> Institute for Space Sciences
> Freie Universit?t Berlin
> http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~kyba/

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