[SQM] SQM-network is growing up

Christopher Kyba christopher.kyba at wew.fu-berlin.de
Thu Sep 15 08:43:22 UTC 2011

Hello Massimo,

That's fantastic, thank you for taking the initiative to set this up!
I had a few questions,

1) Will this work for people that are behind an institutional firewall
(e.g. at a university?), or for people that don't have a fixed IP?

2) We run some SQMs in locations that don't have an Internet
connection, and also some SQM-LUs.  Is it possible for us to collect
data with our own programs and to upload the data (formatted
appropriately) to you?

3) Can you clarify whether/how the data will be available to outside
researchers?  If I was to use the data I would want to download a
table rather than click on a graph.

4) Are there any plans for running quality control checks on the data?

5) What is your sampling rate?  Some SQM-LEs have a noticeable 50/60Hz
oscillation that is easily and cleanly removed by averaging over many

Will you be at the Dark Sky Symposium at Osnabrück?  A measurement
workshop is planned for the first day, and it would be great to be
able to discuss these and more questions.  Here is the symposium
website:  http://www.lichtverschmutzung.de/symposium_2011/

Thanks again for setting up the system and translating everything into English!

Christopher Kyba
Institute for Space Sciences
Freie Universität Berlin

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 5:20 PM, Massimo Alessandria
<massimo at bresciaraduno.it> wrote:
> If you don't know what SQM-Network is, please click here:
> http://www.sqm-network.com.
> I'm writing to the list to inform all of you about the news about our
> system:
> -we have fully translated our site into English language
> (http://www.sqm-network.com/index.php?lang=en), so that now anyone in the
> world can understand the objectives of the network and realize how to
> connect his SQM-LE to the network or installing a new one. Only the map is
> only for italian station ... work is in progress!
> -We have installed a station in Namibia
> (http://www.sqm-network.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=137&lang=en),
> which will give us valuable information on the brightness of the Milky Way
> and the evolution of luminosity of the sky during the year;
> -to connect a station (your?) we need only few information (IP or Dynamic
> DNS and GPS data), and collecting of the data will start immediately;
> -SQM-network currently has 16 stations connected in 6 different countries,
> with data read and processed in real time from the servers, every night.
> Automatic graphs let you see immediately if the data are collected in
> astronomical darkness, thus excluding clearly the presence of the moon;
> -You can chose one of the night you need, to have immediately the relative
> graph;
> -data is already collected all under the same standard, and then the
> subsequent post-processing is simple and error-free;
> -we give to all users a software named GECO (freeware and self-produced)
> that allows them to download their measures from the DB, but also to read
> data directly from the sensor, and send them to the servers in case the user
> does not have an always-on connection to Internet. We are translating the SW
> in English, so that you can deploy abroad;
> The system does not conflict with other data collection systems, and we
> invite anyone with an SQM mod LE installed to contact us, so as to increase
> the network throughout the world.
> Please, contact us for any information, here or to info at sqm-network.com.
> --
> Massimo Alessandria
> Light Pollution monitoring Network
> www.sqm-network.com
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