[SQM] SQM-network is growing up

Massimo Alessandria massimo at bresciaraduno.it
Wed Sep 14 15:20:31 UTC 2011

If you don't know what SQM-Network is, please click here: 
http://www.sqm-network.com <http://www.sqm-network.com/>.

I'm writing to the list to inform all of you about the news about our 
-we have fully translated our site into English language 
(http://www.sqm-network.com/index.php?lang=en), so that now anyone in 
the world can understand the objectives of the network and realize how 
to connect his SQM-LE to the network or installing a new one. Only the 
map is only for italian station ... work is in progress!
-We have installed a station in Namibia 
which will give us valuable information on the brightness of the Milky 
Way and the evolution of luminosity of the sky during the year;
-to connect a station (your?) we need only few information (IP or 
Dynamic DNS and GPS data), and collecting of the data will start 
-SQM-network currently has 16 stations connected in 6 different 
countries, with data read and processed in real time from the servers, 
every night. Automatic graphs let you see immediately if the data are 
collected in astronomical darkness, thus excluding clearly the presence 
of the moon;
-You can chose one of the night you need, to have immediately the 
relative graph;
-data is already collected all under the same standard, and then the 
subsequent post-processing is simple and error-free;
-we give to all users a software named GECO (freeware and self-produced) 
that allows them to download their measures from the DB, but also to 
read data directly from the sensor, and send them to the servers in case 
the user does not have an always-on connection to Internet. We are 
translating the SW in English, so that you can deploy abroad;

The system does not conflict with other data collection systems, and we 
invite anyone with an SQM mod LE installed to contact us, so as to 
increase the network throughout the world.

Please, contact us for any information, here or to info at sqm-network.com.

Massimo Alessandria
Light Pollution monitoring Network

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