[SQM] ecological light pollution paper, and worldwide SQM database

BuioMetria Partecipativa (BMP) bmp at pibinko.org
Thu Mar 3 16:06:56 UTC 2011

Dear Christopher,

1) In the context of our participatory dark sky quality monitoring
project we have been deploying an SQM-LE at the beginning of the year.

On top of that, we already have a database running and a dynamic map,
and a query system. The data we collect are made available under the
OpenDatabase Licence.

We have also developed an automated data harvesting procedure to
collect data from various sensors and the automated integration with
weather station data.
We are currently running the harvesting system with two stations from
two different groups, one in Central Italy and one in Northern Italy
it is already configured for multiple sensors), and are talking to
other groups in Italy who already have, or plan to deploy, other
The harvesting system is still in a beta version, but working quite well -

Data are accessible from http://www.pibinko.org/bmp2/?page_id=1711

2) In relation to your call for collaboration, we will be getting back
to you with more detailed information during
the course of next week  - we have relayed the message to other people
we know are interested in this topic in Italy and would like to provide
some form of coordinated response.

Best regards

Andrea Giacomelli and Francesco Giubbilini

2011/3/3 Christopher Kyba <christopher.kyba at wew.fu-berlin.de>:
> Hello all,
> After waiting a few weeks to collect emails and find out what datasets
> already exist, we would like to organize a conference call.  We would
> discuss how to structure the collaboration, what tasks exist (and who
> might be interested in solving them), what the publication goals would
> be, and how data sharing and authorship would operate.
> If you are interested in participating in such a collaboration, please
> send an email at sqm at wew.fu-berlin.de.  It would be great if you could
> include in your email:
> 1) How long you have been operating your SQM-LE,
> 2) What your geographic location is (either city, or latitude/longitude)
> 3) Whether your site is pristine, rural, suburban, or urban
> 4) Whether you are interested in contributing more than data, and what
> you might like to work on (e.g. developing QC checks, standardizing
> old datasets, developing web tools, etc.)

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