[SQM] Announcement: launch of CORDILIT - Italian coordination on light pollution data collection

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Well I hope nobody will be offended in regard to my mext question:

¿ How many organizations are collecting Light Pollution data ?

I am getting so many e-mails via the sqm e-mail list that I really do not 
know with whom I should collaborate ? I can not collaborate with all.

My SQM-LE is monitored live online from sqm-network. This site has already 
14 SQM-LE meters from 5 countries in the worldconnected live.

Are they also collaborating with cordilit ?

Sotty to write this, but I think it is time to put a bit of order into all 

best regards from Mexico


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Subject: [SQM] Announcement: launch of CORDILIT - Italian coordination on 
light pollution data collection

> Dear all,
> We are pleased to announce the launch of CORDILIT.
> CORDILIT is a non-profit committee dedicated to the coordination of
> various initiatives currently active in Italy in the acquisition of
> light pollution data (primarily via SQM sensors).
> The aim of the committee is to foster synergies in terms of:
> - best practice sharing
> - outreach
> - facilitation in access to light pollution data sets.
> CORDILIT was created through a consultation process involving various
> organizations, with VenetoStellato and the BuioMetria Partecipativa
> project leading the effort, and is operating under the auspices of
> Cielobuio and the Unione Astrofili Italiani (UAI).
> The web site is: www.cordilit.org -
> A section in English is available, allowing basic data download and
> visualization. However this is fairly basic at present, so do not
> hesitate to contact us for any inquiry.
> Among other features, we would like to flag three points of interest
> for SQM stations operating within the CORDILIT framework.
> 1. all data created are made available in raw format;
> 2. all data created are released under an Open Database Licence;
> 3. where a weather data are available, these are merged with the SQM
> data sets to provide a richer time series.
> Furthermore, the coordination does not pose its focus on specific
> software solutions, and leaves the flexibility of different approaches
> to set up SQM monitoring networks, while providing guidelines for data
> interoperability and quality assurance procedures.
> We started proposing the concept of a coordination across different
> organizations in Italy during this Winter, and we are glad that in
> less than six months we have been able to make this happen.
> Various components of the CORDILIT framework have a different level of
> maturity - for some of these we have been sharing documentation, best
> practices, or software which the CORDILIT members have been working on
> for years; in other cases, you will find beta versions or drafts.
> Over the past four months,  CORDILIT has been operating with a set of
> pilot stations, so data sets are already available.
> We now look forward to extend the number of Italian organizations
> which will be interacting within CORDILIT, and to make contact with
> other organizations out of Italy who are active in similar efforts (we
> are, in fact, talking to some of these already, but we like to
> re-propose this invitation to others).
> We thank your for your attention, and we look forward to hear from you
> at the address info at cordilit.org
> The CORDILIT steering committee
> http://www.cordilit.org
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