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Massimo Alessandria massimo at bresciaraduno.it
Mon Jul 18 13:47:51 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,
we want to inform all those concerned with monitoring and contrasting 
light pollution, which is operating from March the largest worldwide 
network of monitoring light pollution. This network can be reached at 
www.sqm-network.com (for now only in Italian).
This network can simultaneously read hundreds of SQM installed anywhere 
in the world, also the your! Within some weeks the network will have 20 
sensors installed.
The first sensor was installed in September 2009 and currently we have 
over 1200 nights of readings (more than 300000 data!) from 10 different 
sites, and we're going to start a series of automatic studies. The 
server, in fact, can produce these studies at scheduled intervals, to 
inform the owner of the station how the light pollution is moving in his 
area. We are in contact with Christopher Kyba of Free University of 
Berlin to present a paper in the Symposium 2011.
One of the novelties of this network is that you don't need to keep a PC 
connected to SQM, because the sensor is read automatically by the 
server, which stores the readings in the central database. So, this DB 
is born already standardized and equal for every station. In this way 
you can save more than $ 250 a year for each station ... which is great, 
because we all are fighting energy consumption!
The project also includes a powerful free software (GECO), which allows 
any user to freely download their readings from the database, filtering 
it, creating graphs, ecc.
In some days this software will be released freely for all, to read 
locally your SQM.
The project is powered by GADS (www.bresciaraduno.it), an astronomical 
association in Italy, which is completely non-profit.
We are seeking collaborations with anyone with an SQM-LE installed, so 
that we can move the network beyond national boundaries.
For now, we are also reading the station in Canada (Unihedron), but we 
are asking anyone who wants to connect to write us here or directly to 
info at sqm-network.com.


Massimo Alessandria
President of Gruppo Astrofili Deep-Sky (GADS)
info at sqm-network.com

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