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One Star at a Time, in partnership with Astronomers Without Borders and Starlight Initiative, is in its very beginning stages of registering all observing/stargazing locations as StarParks in the Global StarPark Network.  Our primary goal is to unify people across the globe for the reduction of light pollution, and to show governmental leaders a listing of places around the world that people gather to enjoy starlight... so they can see that people care about starlight... and they should too!  This list can also double as a guide for eco-tourism and connecting families to local observing areas and associations. 
One of the goals is to monitor and track the night sky quality above them. We are endorsed and supported  by the United Nation's UNESCO MaB programme.  (see website for other language translations). 

Please register your stargazing sites at www.onestar-awb.org   

We will be launching a major campaign soon with an optimistic goal to register a majority these sites within one year's time -- before July 2012.

It will  be very helpful to know which system is best to use to record the skyquality of these sites... and implement sooner the better. .. so we can collaborate synergistically with your efforts. 

Trying to make good use of the 150th anniversary of amateur astronomy in the western hemisphere.  Chicago Astronomical Society happens to be the first astronomical society founded in the western hemisphere in 12/12/1862.   The Astronomical League Conference (ALCon2012) will be hosted in Chicago July 4 ~ 7th.  We will work very, very hard to raise awareness of light pollution and hopefully secure resolutions for the reduction of light pollution.  

Interested in organizing 5K global runs in multiple cities across the globe called "Run for the Stars ~ RUN like you mean it!" for July 4, 2012.  This is to build public awareness and raise money that would stay locally to make a StarPark and/or retrofit bad lighting into dark-sky friendly lighting and/or create an exhibit in a local museum or planetarium about light pollution.

We will be asking astronomical societies to contribute material in behalf of their local organization for a commemorative book entitled: "Celebrating Starlight, 150 years of amateur astronomy".  

Please contact me during this brainstorming time... so we can create the best plan to succeed. 

Thanks for caring about starlight preservation!  This is the year to unify... We can put to good use all the lessons we learned in how to collaborate and network during IYA... and apply it for the best starlight preservation campaign the planet has ever seen.  What do you say??

: )

On Jul 11, 2011, at 6:34 AM, jean-marie mengeot wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I also have the lightmeter (http://kuffner-sternwarte.at/hms/wiki/index.php5?title=Lightmeter) Data is sent to GAVO but not yet calibrated.
> I also have made the acquisition of a SQM-L. I'll bring that for the next meeting in Osnabrück in October.
> 2011/7/7 Christopher Kyba <christopher.kyba at wew.fu-berlin.de>
> I wanted to forward this message to the list in case there are any
> other SQM users out there who missed our first call to participate.
> Briefly, an international group of light pollution researchers wants
> to write a paper using data from fixed SQM stations.  If you'd like to
> participate please send me an email.
> Christopher Kyba
> Free University of Berlin
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> From: International Sky Brightness Survey <sqm at wew.fu-berlin.de>
> Hello SQM users,
> Today I had a phone discussion with Dorien Lolkema of RIVM of the
> Netherlands and Andrea Giacomelli of BMP in Italy.  At the moment
> those two groups are operating the largest networks of fixed-position
> SQMs that I am aware of.  I wanted to share the results of the
> discussion with you.
> o I would appreciate it if everyone who wants to be involved would
> send me a sample SQM data file for a single day (with your standard
> filename, and including any headers) so that I can get an idea of how
> varied the data formats are.  Please also send me your longitude and
> latitude so that I can investigate what weather stations are nearest
> you (you can send me that information, too, if you know it).
> o The BMP group already has a fully operational open access online
> database system, but it is in Italian and they don't have the
> resources to translate everything on a short time scale.  It is
> possible that in the longer term this system could be expanded to
> other languages.
> o If a database is established in the future, it will probably be
> necessary for all of the users to adopt a common data format.  In
> order to do our preliminary analysis I will convert each user's data
> into a common format, so if you share your data I should be able to
> provide you with a script capable of converting all of your old files
> into the new common format (and possibly vice-versa).
> o The goal of the first paper (which we will pursue independent of the
> database) will be to get cloud-free measurements at each site, as well
> as the overcast/clear brightness ratio.  It is likely that we will
> have to remove the summer solstice period from some dark sites (and
> possibly all sites).  We anticipate that this should still leave
> enough data for a reasonable analysis.
> o We think it makes sense that the dataset for the first paper be
> fully available to the public at the time the paper is published.
> There will be no obligation to share any data outside of the analysis
> period.
> o If enough people participate we should gain significant experience
> this summer in the potential difficulties of combining data from
> multiple sites.  We hope to use this experience to write a working
> paper suggesting best practices when taking SQM data and
> recommendations for data format that we could distribute at the
> Osnabrück meeting.
> o The BMP group will probably bring their SQM calibration device to
> the Osnabrück meeting, so if you are coming you could bring your SQM
> (& housing!) to get it calibrated against many others.
> o We will investigate the possibility of organizing a half day "SQM
> Workshop" before or after the Osnabrück meeting, to discuss SQM
> calibration issues, the working paper, the journal paper, and future
> database plans.
> o We didn't have a chance to discuss it on the phone, but I wanted to
> bring up the issue of authorship for the journal paper.  My suggestion
> would be that anyone who provides data is eligible to be an author,
> and that since this is a large, collaborative group, we simply order
> the authors alphabetically.
> o We also didn't get a chance to discuss the IYA Lightmeter on the
> call.  As many of you may know, there is already an open lightmeter
> database.  I would suggest that we endeavor to include the results
> from all available lightmeters in the same period.  While that data is
> freely provided, I think it would make sense to extend authorship to
> the people who are operating the lightmeters and the responsible
> database persons at GAVO.
> Finally, because it is the summer break for some people (and because
> we don't all know each other yet), I would suggest that you reply to
> me rather than to all, and I will collimate the responses and send
> them all back to you all in a single email towards the end of next
> week.  I have also made a doodle for the next meeting, which I suggest
> we hold mid-August (I realize many of you will be on break):
> http://www.doodle.com/ip92is3asafir88p
> That meeting will run from 4-5pm Europe Summer time.  The doodle site
> should allow you to see the time in your own time zone.
> Chris
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