[SQM] SQM intercomparison campaign: 9 April - 9 May 2012 at CESAR-NL

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Fri Dec 16 09:26:21 UTC 2011

In case you hadn't already received it, here is the announcement of an
SQM calibration campaign and a light pollution measurement workshop in
the Netherlands.  Contact Dorien Lolkema if you would like to take

Christopher Kyba
Institute for Space Sciences
Freie Universität Berlin

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From: Dorien Lolkema <dorien.lolkema at rivm.nl>
Date: 2011/12/15
Subject: SQM intercomparison campaign: 9 April - 9 May 2012 at CESAR-NL

Dear all,

As discussed at the Dark Sky Symposium last October in Osnabruck, we
will repeat our intercomparison campaign of SQM's and we very much
welcome others to join!
After some discussion, taking into account several considerations, we
decided to held this intercompariosn campaign from 9 April - 9 May
2012. The campaign will take place at CESAR, the Cabauw Experimental
Site for Atmospheric Research in The Netherlands
http://www.cesar-observatory.nl/ .
We want to conclude this intercomparison campaign with a one-day
workshop, proposed date: 9 May 2012. Topics will include prelaminary
results of the campaign, discussion about performing night sky
brightness measurements, meteorology (provided by the Dutch MetOffice,
manager of CESAR) and a tour at CESAR.

We welcome everybody to join!
What can we provide, and what NOT:
- If you join, you bring in your SQM WITH HOUSING.
- We can take care of the data-acquisition of the SQM-LE's and perform
standard analysis. If you have another SQM, not being a SQM-LE, you
have to take care of the data-aquisition yourself, including hardware
(i.e. computer).
- Read-out frequency has to be 10 seconds in order to correct for
small differences in viewing angle.
- We can place 12 extra (besides our own) SQM's.
- Computers for the data-aquisition of the SQM-LE's will be provided by us.
- Time synchronisation takes place by use of the time-server of KNMI
(the Dutch MetOffice).

For the installation, you can either come to The Netherlands in the
week of 9 April 2012, or you can send your SQM-LE (only SQM-LE) to us
by mail and we will install it for you. This procedure can be repeated
at the end of the campaign, but we welcome everybody to come to The
Netherlands and have a look at our wonderfull measurement site and
have a good workshop together!

Please let me know if you want to join, what kind of SQM you will
bring in and if you want to join the workshop.

Looking forward to a nice intercomparison campaign. For now, let me
wish you all the best for the holidays to come!

Best regards,
Dorien Lolkema

drs. D.E. Lolkema
Scientist Light and Air Quality
Working days: Mo-Tu-We-Th
tel. +31 30 274 4258
fax. +31 30 228 7531

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