[SQM] A free software for your SQM: GECO

Massimo Alessandria massimo at bresciaraduno.it
Mon Dec 12 22:55:39 UTC 2011

This is a big goal for us!
We've now finished to convert our software in a multilingual version.

GECO (this software) is free, and we've created it to help who installs 
an SQM to collect measures, create graph and export this measures, freely.
This software has also the capability (if you want it) of sending your 
measures to www.sqm-network.com, a big network that collects measures of 
SQM from all over the world.
To send your measures to the network, you need only to download and 
install this software, and write us. We'll send you a "credential file" 
that gives to GECO the capability to send measures to the online database.

I want also to remember that is possible collecting measures also 
without a PC always-on. You can connect your SQM to our servers that 
will read measures for you, and then downloading it with your GECO, 
whenever you want.

Write me for any other information.

Clear skies!

Massimo Alessandria
Gruppo Astrofili Deep-Sky (GADS)

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