[SQM] SkippySky : New archive of past weather forecast maps

Andrew Cool andrew at cool.id.au
Mon Jan 25 00:40:44 UTC 2010

Hello All,
Some of you may be aware of my SkippySky astro-weather forecast site at
Starting 17th Jan 2010, I've started a daily archive of the SkippySky maps
at  <http://www.skippysky.com.au/> http://www.skippysky.com.au/archive/
A SQM user here in Australia commented that this archive would be useful for
adding Transparency readings to
SQM records. Or I suppose, any other readings that you think are
The data used for SkippySky is the NOAA/NCEP GFS NWP model, as used by a
number of weather forecasting
websites around the globe. While the GFS model it is generally recognised as
the preeminent numerical weather prediction model,
it doesn't always get it right, more so in winter when frontal activity is
especially vigorous.
Andrew Cool
PS : Oh, until I can refine my javascript to only show buttons for existing
data directories,
 don't expect to find data archived into the future if you decide to click
on the Sept button, for example...
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