[SQM] Various readings around Michigan and Texas Star Party

Robert Berta biker123 at att.net
Mon May 11 21:06:27 UTC 2009

This is the first time for me....I won a SQM last summer at the Michigan "GAZE" star party in Gladwin. Have been getting some readings and sharing them with others in Michigan but thought others might find these of value. All readings were taken with the same meter.

DATE                Mag./arcSec2                Location
9-2008                21.15                            Gladwin, Michigan (THE GAZE)
10-2008               19.52                            Stargate observatory in Ray Township, Michigan (site of Warren Astronomical Society observatory)
2008                    21.57                            Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Newberry where Two Hearted River runs into Lake Superior (Location of
                                                                    Two Hearted Star Party)
10-2008                19.05                            My home in Macomb Township, Michigan
10-2008                21.36                            Cadilac Star Party in wilderness are near Cadilac, Michigan
2-2009                  20.13                            Seven Ponds Nature Center site of the Seven Ponds Astronomy Club in Dryden, Michigan
4-2009                   21.83                            Texas Star Party

Bob Berta
President Warren Astronomical Society (Michigan)
Vice President Oakland Astronomy Club (Michigan)
member 7 Ponds Astronomy Club (Michigan)
member San Francisco Amateur Astronomers (Calif)
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