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Your help is needed. In the past 6 nights of the GLOBE at  Night campaign, 
less than 100 Sky Quality Meter measurements worldwide have  been submitted.
You are cordially invited to submit your SQM measurements  to the GLOBE at 
Night program, a light pollution study being conducted  worldwide, from now 
through March 8 (7-10pm local time, an hour after sunset).  Information on the 
general site is at www.globe.gov/GaN/. The reporting page  for SQM measurements 
is at _http:// 
( .  The data, time, latitude, longitude, estimate of cloud cover, SQM 
reading and  SQM serial number are needed. But also as important, please 
select "Cloudy  Sky/No Data" if you are not also inputting an unaided-eye 
observation  (magnitude chart) of Orion.

The National Optical Astronomy Observatory's press  release on the GLOBE at 
NIght program, a flyer and postcard can be downloaded  from the press release 
webpage at _http://www.noao.edu/outreach/press/pr08/pr0803.html_ 
(http://www.noao.edu/outreach/press/pr08/pr0803.html) .

We need to do better in supporting GLOBE at Night. I filed a small fraction  
of my readings, but certainly have not filed most of them (from moonless  
nights). I'll send more reports. Is there a way to see which I have filed?
I am wanting to use these data to quantify light pollution  sources at 
several local sites. The SQM quantifies light pollution source  emissions convoluted 
with sky haze and clouds, and we suffer from all of  these phenomena. Trouble 
is, I've no independent measure of sky haze or  cloudiness -- just ground 
level humidity. Do you know of any NASA or  NOAA programs from which I might 
obtain provide values of these  scattering/reflectivity parameters, accurate to 
the minute? Or a cheap way to  quantify what is happening? Or if anyone has had 
success separating the source  part from the haze part?
I'd also like to assist Fabio Falchi, who is interested  in quantifying 
effects of the ground reflectivity (with and without  snow) but the sky scattering 
changes perceptibly over a time scale of maybe 15  minutes so I don't think 
that my raw data is very useful.
David Fields
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