[SQM] measure with snow coverage

Fabio Falchi fabio_falchi at yahoo.it
Tue Nov 25 16:57:31 UTC 2008

Dear friends,

one of the most discussed issue in light pollution is the direct vs. indirect light in producing sky glow.

In order to understand better this, I need a number of measures taken
with and without snow coverage in the 100 km surrounding the site.
Sites far from sources will be affected less by the indirect light
while sites near cities or inside cities will be more affected by tha

With the SQM reading I'll need also:

- the transparency of the night (at least in a qualitative way: extremely clear, very clear);

- the snow coverage at the moment of the measure: for example, main
streets (10% of total) clean but sidewalks and surrounding covered,
secondary streets half covered, countryside and roofs covered. All in a
radius of 80 km. Other example: all streets clean, sidewalks still half
covered, surrounding in the country covered.

Probably some of you already have several measures taken in the same
site with and without snow. Who would help me in this field can contact
me directly or in this list.

Fabio Falchi

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