[SQM] your help with the SQM readings for GLOBE at Night is needed!

Connie Walker cwalker at noao.edu
Sun Mar 2 17:46:18 UTC 2008

Dear Sky Quality Meter Owners,

Your help is needed. In the past 6 nights of the GLOBE at Night  
campaign, less than 100 Sky Quality Meter measurements worldwide have  
been submitted.

You are cordially invited to submit your SQM measurements to the  
GLOBE at Night program, a light pollution study being conducted  
worldwide, from now through March 8 (7-10pm local time, an hour after  
sunset). Information on the general site is at www.globe.gov/GaN/.  
The reporting page for SQM measurements is at 
2008/report.cfm. The data, time, latitude, longitude, estimate of  
cloud cover, SQM reading and SQM serial number are needed. But also  
as important, please select "Cloudy Sky/No Data" if you are not also  
inputting an unaided-eye observation (magnitude chart) of Orion.

The National Optical Astronomy Observatory's press release on the  
GLOBE at NIght program, a flyer and postcard can be downloaded from  
the press release webpage at http://www.noao.edu/outreach/press/pr08/ 

If you would like to submit constructive remarks to me on the new  
GLOBE at Night webpage on using the SQM, please find the webpage at  

Clear (and dark) skies,


Connie Walker, Ph.D.
Senior Science Education Specialist
Associate Scientist
950 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
520-318-8451 (fax)
cwalker at noao.edu

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