[SQM] Where is the serial number on my SQM

James Wood jk.wood at sasktel.net
Thu Feb 28 00:43:54 UTC 2008

Thanks Chuck,

The box is long gone and the serial number is not on the Efston Science
invoice.  I wonder why Globe at Night Project is even interested in the
serial number.  I won't worry about it.


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It is usually on the small box that the unit came in. 


At 12:36 PM 2/27/2008 -0600, James Wood wrote:

I'm new to this list and to SQM and don't know if there is an archive.  I
want to submit SQM readings to the Globe at Night Project. The data entry
form prompts for the serial number (optional), but I could not find it on my
unit.  I checked in the battery compartment and it is not there, but was
reluctant to open SQM up.


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