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Windows local hub for multi Ethernet (LE) devices


If you need to connect more than one SQM-LE to the local Ethernet port on a Windows computer:

* Connect an Ethernet hub to the local Ethernet port on the computer.
* Connect the SQM-LE devices to the hub.
* Use the Lantronix Device Installer (LDI) to enable the local port (Tools-> Options -> Local Area Connection). Press Search to see if devices show up.
* Record the IP addresses that were identified.
* Start up the Unihedron Device Manager (UDM) and enter one of the IP addresses into the Ethernet tab.
* Press the Version or reading button to make the connection.
* Repeat the last two steps for the second SQM-LE.

* The SQM-LE devices can have the IP address fixed with the LDI.
* UDM can be started from the command line with the IP address defined.


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