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SQM-LE works with SQM Reader(s) but not UDM


Works with both Reader 2.0 and Reader Pro 2. But UDM. Any ideas?


--- Quote from: martin_zkp1 on February 17, 2017, 12:45:52 pm ---Works with both Reader 2.0 and Reader Pro 2. But UDM. Any ideas?

--- End quote ---

Does UDM recognize the SQM-LE in the find window? Does UDM show the MAC number and IP address?

Is it possible that you are running UDM at the same time as the SQM-Reader software? Only one software can be run at the same time.

If possible, please provide the details of what UDM shows when it "does not work with your SQM-LE".

Think I solved it, sort of.... For some reason when I reconnect the SQM and I ask to search its IP it is different than last time and I need to copy and paste it in. Then it works. I save the config and now it seems to recognize it.

There is another issue in an new post.

Many routers have the ability to fix the IP address of devices by recognizing the MAC number. This way you can leave the SQM-LE Ethernet settings at DHCP and your router will assign the same IP address each time it sees the SQM-LE at power up.


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