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UDM updates
« on: October 21, 2012, 11:11:40 pm »
A recent version of the UDM (Unihedron Decvice Manager) is available here:

The changelog is: (20150924)
 - local timezone region and name drop down combo boxes made read only
   to prevent user from entering invalid descriptions causing
   "Error! IORESULT: 0" during retrieve all records. (20150910)
 - Header elevation had decimal value, now integer.
 - Header definitions now opens PDF as well as going IDA link. (20150815)
 - Allow setting SQM-LE XPort defaults button when single click on Found Erthernet device. (20150814)
 - Vector model: remove dual v2x v1x accell/mag requests from log continuous mode. (20150813)
 - Vector model:
   - remove ""0.0" is not a valid float" error for decimal=comma regions (like Europe).
   - DL Retrieve All corrected CSV heading of Ax, Ay, Ax to Ax, Ay, Az
   - plot Show data dialog cancels properly on unselected file.
   - plot ShowLines toggle fixed.
   - plot Legend range adjustable by entering min/max values.
   - disabled export image button since it only exports the plot (not the legend).
   - reorganized plot controls. (20150707)
 - DL retrieve now logs the time difference which is helpful for interpreting long data logs that need more accurate timestamps.
 - RS232 firmware update is properly enabled aftre LR model has been identified. (20150608)
 - DL time difference display (datalogging tab) now shows "slow/fast" indication instead of just absolute time difference.
 - Vector calibration ignores magnetic spikes (from lighting ballast etc.).
 - Vector model: header contains calibration information.
 - Vector model: Plot now properly ignores header calibration information. (20150603)
 - Vector model: Log Continuous mode logs raw Accelerometer and magnetometer values
 - Vector model: Log Continuous mode and DL Retrieve mode logs Zenith degrees (as well as Altitude) per SDF_1.0 format. (20150531)
 - Trap exceptions for places where sun does not rise/set to prevent error during log cont. mode when location is defined. (20150514)
 - invert Vector plot legend (bright 10mpsas at top, dark 22mpsas at bottom) (20150508)
 - fix: Comm Terminal auto scroll windows
 - Add range settings to DL retrieve page. (20150505)
  - Bugfix: reading button reading least significant digit was zero from version since version
  - Feature: Show Instrument_ID from header description on "Found devices" listing.
  - Bugfix: Warn if timezone header settings contain spaces.
  - Allow DL retrieve window to slected from Tools menu if no DL is attached.
  - Fix vector data loading in Windows.
  - fix spelling mistake (Azimuth) in Vector log header screscription.
  - DL header "number of lines"; remove unnecessary "+" at end which was added a while ago.
  - Show logs directory in View:Directories dialog
  - Allow doublclick in multidevice found window to immediately get reading.
  - Reading button now properly shows negative signed temperatures instead of 0.0C
  - Added ethernet "XPort defaults" error checking for non-existent or slow telnet server.
 - add simulation-from-csv-file feature.
 - Remove Vector plot tab from Retrieve page for all other models.
 - ADA factor tab selected automatically on log cont page.
 - Configuration page shows temperature alarm in colour now.
 - Logcont trigger control radio button text contains integer spinwheel
 - Vector: Add vibration count to retrieve all function.
 - LogCont chart dots now obey trigger settings, not every 1 second.
 - Logcont left legend marks formatted at 2 decimal places now (#.##)
 - Plot line thickness enlarged from 1 pixel to 2 pixels for better readability
 - Log continuous page changes to make larger chart tab and move trigger to separate tab shown on startup.
 - Clean up results windows after loading firmware
 - LR port select added /dev/ttyS* options and sorts entries
 - Minor improvements to DL screen
 - Generic vector model updates
 - Configuration tab: resize calibration data window to fit larger dataset
 - DL auto identify various EEPROM FLASH sizes
 - simple plot of points added to log continuous page
 - remove extra LM#x that sets DL mode every time Datalogging tab is selected
 - added two view->log messages to identify the command line and configpath
 - firmware files show proper date, and old ones have been moved to archives sub-directory
 - added some command line options for auto logging
 - changes from the configuration page no longer trigger device reads
 - vector model added
 - USB-find troubleshooting info added to log 2014-02-26
 - rotstage set to full steps (50 steps per 90 degrees) 2014-02-16
 - remove auto communication to get calibration and device info when device is initially selected
 - add GDM feedback buttons to log continuously screen 2014-01-23
 - Add rotational stage 'rotstage' control 2014-01-13
 - Add: Tool to convert old style csv files to new sttyle dat files.
 - ADA (non-SQM) device logging 2013-12-21
  - Add: Tool to add Moon data to .dat files and output .csv file for spreadsheet 2013-11-20
  - Fix: DL logfile fix for missing European floating point records caused from last two changes. 2013-11-20
  - Fix: DL logfile positive temperatures missing from last change. 2013-11-17
  - Fix: DL logfile negative temperatures cropped decimal place. 2013-11-11
  - change decimal separator from international to decimal point for compatibility to header spec 2013-11-10
  - LR model: added /dev/ttyUSB* defaults for Linux
  - Timezone for DL removed from DAT records for compatibility to header spec 2013-10-07
  - Timezone for DL retrieve fixed, and listed in DAT records.
  - CRLF properly logged in .dat files according to header specification.
  - Window can be resized so that more found devices are shown without scrolling.
  - Option for finding USB or Ethernet devices only from file menu. 2013-07-23
  - Added synchronous and persistent options to log-continuous hotkey-annotations. 2013-07-19
  - Fix Mac Enter on DL trigger values causes Find button to be pressed. 2013-06-22
  - Fixed up hotkey annotation to allow for more specific hotkeys (like numpad keys) 2013-06-19
  Added annotation and hotkeys to Log-continuous mode.
  Fix Linux non-identification of some USB FTDI devices because of driver naming.
  Added "Records Missed Count" to log continuous mode for easier troubleshooting of faulty devices/connections. 2013-05-18
  Fix DL tab read unit time bug when extra CRs are received
  Add DL battery estimator records indicator, and 60 minutes calculation fix, and custom mAH rating works now.
  XPort default button is only enabled when an Ethernet device is selected.
  Configuration page details (including version information) are refreshed with; refresh-button, tab-click, and selected unit change.
  USB discovery on Linux machine is now (because udevadm requires root access): ls -al /dev/serial/by-id/
  Added "every minute on the minute" log continuous setting.
  Fine control of log-continuous per-second recording. No more drift, each record request initiated on the 1-second boundary. 2013-02-01
  Add RS232 connection ability
  Changeable logs directory re-implemented
  Log continuous button on main info tab with settings similar to DL logging.
  Add link to DL header online definitions to DL Header window. 2013-01-09
  Fix DL retrieve all voltage and mpsas in European number format was 0.
  Fix Mac DL configuration file location directory creation. 2012-12-22
 Cosmetic: Label units on Report Interval tab.
 Information tab buttons for Header and Log-on disabled when no unit is selected.
 Increase timeout for responses (from 1 to 3 seconds) in case OS is a bit slow. The symptom was that results in some logfile records were missed. 2012-12-16
 Add single record log button to information tab
 Update DL log filename according to new datalog header standard (.dat extension, Intrument ID name, stored in log directory) 2012-11-13
 Linux USB identification now ignores non-FTDI serial port devices.
 Added splash screen to identify that devices are being searched.
 Linux USB error-check for user added to dialout group.
 Fix: DL clock display was too tiny on Linux, sometimes blanked out. 2012-10-31
 DL: Fix; Read log temperature parsing was sometimes 0.0
 Windows: removed debug writeln causing crash after I/O error
 Mac version updated for new DL data header   2012-10-27
 DL: Fix; Read log record by parsing commas instead of fixed field where  negative mpsas might occur.   2012-10-21
 Background colour of non-editable field changed to default because some themes show this as black background.
 Added Help->VersionInfo menu item. Displays changelog.txt.
 Added Firmware Info button. Displays fchanges.txt.   2012-10-15
 Minor changes to new data format.
 Added fix for SQM-LE Xport data defaults (00:02 disconnect time).
 Battery calculator default to Alkaline (as supplied with order, not optional Lithium)
 Fix: DL result window was blank if DL mpsas record had extra negative sign character. 2012-10-04
 Added new DL data format (for testing) defined by Chris Kyba and associates.
 Added directory location definitions (Linux, Windows) for:
  - saving temporary data and
  - loading firmware files
  - accessing the time zone database
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Re: UDM updates
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Updated UDM, now at version

See edited first message for change log and links.