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Knightware: Software Support for SQM-LU/LE


Knightware recently released Deep-Sky Planner 6 software which provides complete planning and logging features for users of Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8. Knightware also offers SQM Reader (free) and SQM Reader Pro software for Unihedron's connected Sky Quality Meters - models LU, LE and LR.

The logging function in Deep-Sky Planner allows users to read a connected SQM and store the result automatically in a visual or imaging observation. This is the only planning and logging software that offers this feature.

You can learn more about Deep-Sky Planner, SQM Reader and SQM Reader Pro at

Special Offer for US Customers
Knightware offers SQM-LU or SQM-LE + SQM Reader Pro software at an unbeatable price to customers located in the US. This package is available only from Knightware. See


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