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Firmware updates


A bug has been found in the Datalogger firmware versions 49-56 where subsequent readings from battery power were 0.66mpsas brighter than they
should be. This has been corrected in the latest firmware version 57 which can be installed from the latest UDM version available here:

The firmware is included in the latest UDM software here.

Also, a tool is available to correct existing .dat files for that offset. This tool is accessible as:
  Tools->Firmware 49-56 DL Correction

There have been many updates to UDM recently including some features in the plot utility (accessible as View->Plotter). The plotter can now show Sunrise/set times, and Sun & Moon elevation.

And, you may find some other tools useful as well
 - .dat reconstruct local time
    (for files where the local timezone was not set).
 - .dat time correction
     (when the meter clock is different from the GMT time).
 - .dat to kml
     (to make Google Earth maps using a GPS and connected SQM).

Also, we have recently completed a bracket to mount the connected meters to a car window for use in mapping studies while also using a GPS:

New firmware released, see top post for details.

Some features of the new firmware are not supported on the old version of UDM, so make sure to update UDM as well. The latest version can be found here:


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