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Firmware updates


Firmware version 49 has been released for the SQM-LU-DL.

* Bugfix: where battery plugin at the second mark of ~ :50 to :57 resulted in no wakeup the next minute for the new RTC model.
* Feature: shorter wakeup LED time with decaying brightness to differentiate from initial power up and wake from sleep.
* Feature: no redundant record logged when starting from USB connection.
* Feature: "Initial-record"/"subsequent records" defined in logged data of a recording session which is useful for those people who do not erase
all records in the meter before starting a new recording session.
The firmware is included in the latest UDM software here.

New firmware released, see top post for details.

Some features of the new firmware are not supported on the old version of UDM, so make sure to update UDM as well. The latest version can be found here:

Specific problems may include no apparent readings gathered under battery power. Using the latest firmware version allows retrieval of those gathered readings.


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